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Feature Length Film Credits

six plots dragon pearl under-a-red-moon elephant tales  
paradise found dalkeith young blades muggers  
under-the-gun four letter word lex and rory voyage into fear  
fever the-dreaming2 coda contagion1  
dead end blue-lightning BMXbandits dusty  

Feature Length Film Credits

Six Plots (2012)
The Dragon Pearl (2011)
Under a Red Moon (2008)
Elephant Tales (2006)
Paradise Found (2003)
Dalkeith (2002)
Young Blades (2001)
Muggers (2000)
Dags (1998)
Under The Gun (1995)
Iron Fist
Sex is A Four Letter Word (1995)
Lex & Rory (1994)
Get Away, Get Away (1993)
Voyage Into Fear (1993)
Strangers (1991)
Bony (1990)
A Kink In The Picasso (1990)
Fever (1988)
The Dreaming (1988)
Living Forever (1987)
Coda: A Symphony of Evil (1987)
Contagion (1987)
Dead-End Drive In (1986)
The Blue Lightning (1986)
BMX Bandits (1983)
Dusty (1983)


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