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six plots dragon pearl under-a-red-moon elephant tales  
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under-the-gun four letter word lex and rory voyage into fear  
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dead end blue-lightning BMXbandits dusty  

Feature Length Film Credits

Six Plots (2012)
The Dragon Pearl (2011)
Under a Red Moon (2008)
Elephant Tales (2006)
Paradise Found (2003)
Dalkeith (2002)
Young Blades (2001)
Muggers (2000)
Dags (1998)
Under The Gun (1995)
Iron Fist
Sex is A Four Letter Word (1995)
Lex & Rory (1994)
Get Away, Get Away (1993)
Voyage Into Fear (1993)
Strangers (1991)
Bony (1990)
A Kink In The Picasso (1990)
Fever (1988)
The Dreaming (1988)
Living Forever (1987)
Coda: A Symphony of Evil (1987)
Contagion (1987)
Dead-End Drive In (1986)
The Blue Lightning (1986)
BMX Bandits (1983)
Dusty (1983)

mortified mortified1 power-rangers round-the-twist  
genie-from-downunder genie-from-downunder2 glad-rags snowy-river  
songs-of-innocence lift-off lancaster-miller blue-lightning  

Television Series & Mini-Series

Mortified (2006/2007)
Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Round the Twist (1993-2001)
The Genie from Down Under (1998)
The Genie from Down Under (1996)
Glad Rags (1995)
Snowy River (1994)
Under The Skin (1993)
Bay City (1993)
Songs of Innocence (1992)
Lift Off (1992)
Bony (1992)
Flair (1990)
The Lancaster Miller Affair (1986)
The Harold Holt Mystery (1985)
Glass Babies (1985)


Television Movies

Strangers (1991)
Bony (1990)
Living Forever (1987)
The Blue Lightning (1986)

strangio web 6470  


P.S. I Love You
Peru - The Land of the Llama
The World's Greatest Commercials
The Tree Kangaroo: Forest Recluse
The Beast that Man Forgot
The Adventures of the Quest series
The Wild Yak of Tibet
The Destroyers
100 Years of Australian Football
Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures
The Worlds Greatest Commercials
The Australian Football Program
Rex Hunt's Fishing World
Monuments To Man
A Walk In The Sea
The Researchers
The Dream Merchants of Asia
Crocodiles: The Deadly Survivors
The Enterprise
Wildcat & Pipedreams
On The Line
Living Forever
The Brisbane Line
Jerusalem of Heaven & Earth     
Australia's Hidden Wealth
Journey to Hainan
Triumph of the Nomads
The Pintubi
The Mississippi Challenge
The Wharfie

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